Timo der Weduwen BEd, MA

Timo is a senior critical risk consultant, specialized in managing risks in international high-risk environments.  He specializes in crisis management, investigative analysis and ransom negotiations management, focusing on working with the ‘human element’ in the cyber field and other 21st Century associated threats.   

Timo has led, advised and trained specialist teams in these fields for several decades. He served with the Netherlands Police, the European Union and the United Nations for thirty-three years and has built an extensive network of risk management partners in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He has implemented cutting-edge and progressive processes and methodology in threat and risk analysis, assessment and management.  Holding senior risk management positions with the European Union and the United Nations, his experience includes close collaboration with governments, international organizations, diplomatic missions and corporations, providing advice, guidance and support in the world's most volatile conditions and settings.     

Timo is a graduate of Scotland Yard's international hostage negotiation program and a senior hostage negotiator for 22 years on the global stage, and a former member of the International Negotiators Working Group.  During his career, he has successfully negotiated with criminal groups, organized crime actors, armed groups and listed terrorist organizations.  He has been responsible for the training of the United Nations hostage managers cadre since 2013, including cutting edge simulation and scenario-based training.  Timo remains a senior lecturer within the United Nations System, for his speciality to create and deliver top-training modules aimed at bolstering resilience and creating effective critical risk responses to 21st threats.     

Timo has a Bachelor of Education and is an alumnus of the Police Academy in the Netherlands. He has taken his several decades of negotiation and investigative experience in the world’s most difficult environments to support corporations and organizations in handling 21st Century threats. Timo lives in New York City and continues serving InterVentis Global’s clients throughout the world.