InterVentis Global

Consultants in Critical Risk, Conflict, Crises and Negotiation

Timo der Weduwen BEd/MA

Timo is a senior international risk manager with rich experience in some of the world’s highest risk environments. 

He has worked in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and has established an extensive network of risk management partners. He has implemented cutting-edge and progressive processes and methodology in risk analysis, assessment and management.  He has a Bachelor of Education from the University of Amsterdam and is an alumnus of the Police Academy in the Netherlands. 

As an educator, he led the training of a new generation of international security professionals through action learning competency-based methodology. He is a graduate of Scotland Yard's international hostage negotiation programme and has been a senior hostage negotiator for 22 years at the global stage, including working extensively in senior risk management positions with the United Nations. His experience includes close collaboration with governments, international organizations, NGOs and diplomatic missions, providing advice, guidance and support in the world's most volatile conditions and settings.