Shmuel Zoltak BA, MA

Shmuel is one of the most internationally recognized and respected practitioners in the field of crisis negotiations.  He is a specialist in ransom negotiations, crisis negotiations, crisis management and the psychology of threat actors.   Shmuel has over 31 years in associated fields of critical risk including leading and managing negotiations involving some of the world’s most wicked threat actors and groups.  

Shmuel served several decades with the Israelis National Police.  This included as a certified polygraph examiner where he secured his foundation of the psychology of criminal behaviour and communication.   He then He served as Commander of the Israeli National Police Crisis Negotiation Team for 15 years as the longest-serving Commander of this elite team. In addition to his negotiation training in Israel, he is a graduate of the FBI Hostage Negotiation Program.  He holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and is a certified practising psychologist in Israel. In recent years, Shmuel has included working with cybersecurity professionals, including building their capacity in the field of ransom negotiations and crisis management with InterVentis Global.  Agencies around the world have relied on his expertise in negotiations, and have asked him to advise, coach, mitigate, manage and resolve a wide range of crises including;

  • extortions and kidnapping ransoms
  • cyber ransoms
  • conflict situations
  • communicating with hostile criminal threat actors and groups

He has worked with members of InterVentis Global for several decades supporting simulation training, advising on live time crises and as a trusted associate in a host of settings. He is based in Tel Aviv and continues to work with InterVentis Global clients.