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Consultants in Critical Risk, Conflict, Crises and Negotiation

Shmulik Zoltak MA

Shmulik (widely known as Shmuel) is one of the most internationally recognized and respected practitioners in the field of crisis negotiations. 

He served as Commander of the Israeli National Police Crisis Negotiation Team for 15 years. 

Agencies around the world have relied on his expertise in negotiations, and have asked him to advise, coach, mitigate, manage and resolve a wide range of complex organizational and community issues.  

He holds a masters degree in Clinical Psychology. 

He successfully created a peaceful resolution management model which he has applied to hundreds of crisis situations, resulting in non-violent resolutions based on values that are deeply anchored in his humanist values and beliefs. 

Shmulik has over 31 years in associated fields of risk, crisis, conflict and negotiations, including leading and managing negotiations involving some of the world’s most intractable and complex settings, communities and groups.