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'Critical' Risk Management

'Critical' Risk Management

InterVentis partners have led and managed dozens of projects managing risks in some of the world's most high-risk environments, on behalf of a variety of organizations, leaders and governments. Our approach always includes engagement with local stakeholders, which is often key to early identification and the proactive management of risk. Our team has extensive knowledge, experience and support networks in the areas of managing and mitigating reputational risk and, political risk, in addition to the risk associated with transnational organized crime, corruption and cybersecurity.

InterVentis provides independent critical risk management consultation and advice (both in the absence of and in parallel with, insurance providers and their supporting risk management support services). 

As risk profiles vary and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to proactive critical risk management regularly fails to deliver results, InterVentis tailors the latest methodologies to fit the client’s needs. This process begins with reading the setting within which an organization operates, in order to understand the social, political, environmental, economic and other relevant dynamics. Only then is it possible to identify specific threats that an organization may face. InterVentis then turns to address specific vulnerabilities, with the objective of creating maximum risk awareness, so that costly and often traumatic incidents can be prevented and avoided. Our team always supports analyzing how an organization can learn to become stronger and more effective in dealing with risk, through strengthening its own in-house preparedness and resilience. Our team will work together with executives and managers, using training and coaching to ensure that risk is manageable and that an ongoing capability in this area becomes part of a disciplined and successful business model.

Our team has extensive knowledge, experience and support networks in the area of managing risks associated with:

  • Community acceptance and protection
  • Low level disruptive and violent crime
  • Environmental issues
  • Ex-patriate staff security
  • Compound / residential security
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Travel security, including air, sea and road movements
  • Executive / VIP security risk assessments 
  • Hostile environment awareness training / hostile reconnaissance
  •  Surveillance detection training
  • Occupational safety and hazards
  • Due diligence / duty of care

InterVentis has an elite local, national and international risk management network that can assist in assessing, mitigating, managing and preventing a diverse range of risks to corporations, governments, groups and individuals. This includes a range of cultural and linguistic capabilities.