Nicholas Holyome, B.Sc., CD1

Nick is an intelligence, security and critical risk consultant.  He has advised politicians, military leaders, multinational commanders, diplomats, and security professionals on threats and risks to organizations and governments for the past two decades.  Nick served 23 years in the Canadian Armed Forces and specialized in Human Intelligence collection operations.  This experience and his training in this field, has provided him with a unique foundation for his understanding and capabilities for responding to threat actors with ‘human element’ expertise.   He spent eight years working with the elite Canadian Special Operation Forces.  His work was in intelligence analysis, threat and risk assessment/threat modelling, counter-terrorism, counter-espionage, kidnap for ransom, security consulting in high-risk areas, and crisis/emergency response planning.   This has provided him skills for advising on threat /risk assessments, crisis management, team resiliency, and crisis response.  He has used his experience in the intelligence and special forces community to shift into cyber intelligence and other crisis response services associated with InterVentis Global.     He is currently furthering his education in cybersecurity with the University of Ottawa and the SANS Institute.   

Nick is an associate to InterVentis Global.  He brings a pragmatic approach to challenges and obstacles, based on decades of world-class training and experience.   Nick resides in the Vancouver area.