Marc Varri B.Eng

Marc is a professional security and critical risk consultant and a leading strategist in managing crisis.
With more than 25 years’ experience with various U.S. agencies and organizations, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Marc has advised and coached executives of corporations for several decades.  Collaborating effectively with corporations, diplomats and foreign governments, his international experience in crisis management and complex investigations include work in Europe, South and Central America.

Marc holds a track record of successful intervening in numerous crises. He has hands-on experience in strategically manoeuvring through some of the most complex global cross-cultural and political environments.  He led one of the FBI elite units responsible for coordinating the U.S. response to hostage-takings and national security threats to U.S. citizens in Central and South America.  As one of the leads managing hostage incidents, kidnapping for ransom and extortion in the Spanish speaking world, he created best practices in Central and South America, which are some of the most challenging areas in the world. During his career, Marc continued to establish a unique network of strategic partnerships with international enforcement, intelligence and security services.

Marc holds a Bachelor’s in Engineering and is a certified instructor, crisis manager and alumnus from the FBI Hostage Negotiation Program.  Due to his unique professional experience engaging with extremely dangerous threat actors and utilizing the ‘human element’ in high-risk operations, Marc has taken his experience to the world of cybersecurity.  He recently complemented his professional experience through Harvard’s and MIT’s University Cyber Security Programme.

Marc has transformed his several decades of experience in crisis management and investigation in the world’s most difficult environments into support for corporations and organizations in handling 21st Century threats.   His current focus is specifically on the management of cyber-extortion, ransomware, crisis management and cyber incident response.   

Marc resides in Miami and continues serving InterVentis Global’s clients throughout the world.