InterVentis Global

Consultants in Critical Risk, Conflict, Crises and Negotiation

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Our team has extensive experience globally in managing, mitigating and preventing crisis situations and highly charged critical incidents that include but not limited to:

  • Community / social unrest, protests, labour and civil disobedience disruptions
  • Kidnap and ransom negotiations
  • Extortion and cyber negotiations
  • Child abduction negotiations
  • Product contamination / blackmail and terrorist negotiations
  • Prevention and de-escalation of difficult people / customers / clients and potential violence in the workplace

Areas of expertise and services, include (but are not limited to):

  • Crisis management; exercise design and management
  • Crisis negotiation; consulting, advice and training
  • Team resilience; consulting, advice and training
  • Crisis prevention and mitigation - protest, kidnapping, extortion, difficult community / stakeholder engagement etc.
  • A wide range of linguistic, ethnic and cultural capabilities and knowledge