Calvin Chrustie BA, BA (Honours), LLM

Calvin Chrustie, BA, BA (Honors), LLM  is a senior security and critical risk consultant.  He has successfully advised and coached executives, diplomats, politicians, community leaders, in these fields for several decades.  He specializes in negotiations (ransom), intelligence, investigations, crisis response and management.  

Calvin served 33 years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as a Senior Operations Officer.  He specialized in complex transnational organized crime investigations, kidnap/extortion negotiations, crisis and conflict management.   He has extensive experience in intelligence operations and international investigations with transnational organized crime networks, including those affiliated with state actors.  He holds a Masters in Law (LLM), specializing in Alternate Dispute Resolution - Conflict and Negotiations.  He also holds a BA in Justice and Law Enforcement and a BA (honours) with a Major in Law.  

Calvin is a graduate of the FBI Academy’s and Scotland Yard's international hostage negotiation programs.  He has extensive experience in the design and delivery of scenario-based and simulation training for crisis-related incidents.  Calvin was the Team Leader of Canada's International Negotiation Group a group of highly specialized negotiators tasked with terrorist and hostage situations.  He participated in the International Working Group for Crisis Negotiators. Calvin has worked extensively in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and the Middles East, in some of the most hostile environments and engaged with some of the world’s most treacherous threat actors.  Calvin also spent numerous years researching, coaching and leading policing partners, corporations and individuals on 'crisis responses' to extortions, ransom demands, kidnaps, and extortions.   This included ransom negotiations and coaching others in managing these critical incidents.   In 2016, Calvin was awarded the International Policing Officer by the Canadian Association of Police Chiefs for his work in the field of transnational organized crime and international negotiations. 

Due to Calvin’s unique professional experience engaging with the ‘human element’ in these high-risk operations, he has taken a keen interest and passion in cybersecurity.  Specifically, cyber-extortion, ransomware, insider threats, government liaison, ransom negotiations, ransom payments, crisis management and cyber incident response. Calvin has also worked in recent years with law firms in the area of risk management with crypto-currency and supporting litigation in cyber incidents.   He is currently studying Cyber Security at Harvard’s University with his unique experience with the ‘human element’, is participating in podcasts, webinars and coaching executives in these critical incidents and other security matters. Calvin resides in Vancouver Canada and continues serving InterVentis Global clients throughout the world.

+1 604-652-2004