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Consultants in Critical Risk, Conflict, Crises and Negotiation

Calvin Chrustie LLM

Calvin is a senior conflict management practitioner and negotiator with an extensive background in managing high-risk community, corporate, natural resource related, security  operations and crisis situations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and Asia.  He has led and managed negotiation teams, including providing guidance and advice to leaders in corporations, governments and NGO's throughout the world.  To complement his skill sets,  he has a strong  and relavent investigative background.

He has an extensive background working in Canada and internationally with government agencies, corporations and leaders advising on community conflicts and risk mitigation. He formerly led Canada's International Negotiation Group (ING), a group of highly specialized negotiators  supporting various government agencies’ engagement and negotiations with terrorists  and hostage situations.  His background includes extensive community engagement with cross-cultural and indigenous groups. Calvin is known internationally in the field of conflict management, including in the area of difficult community engagements and conflict mitigation.  His 34-plus years of experience with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, includes several UN Peacekeeping tours in the Former-Yugoslavia, as well as deployments elsewhere with other national and international agencies.   Calvin has managed complex international investigations and other high-risk operations across the world specializing in transnational organized crime, national security and insider threat investigations.  

He holds a Masters in Law from Osgoode Law School, specializing in ADR - Conflict and Negotiation, and holds several other related degrees. He is also a graduate of both the FBI Academy’s and Scotland Yard's international hostage negotiation programs.   He is also currently a university instructor of Conflict Management.

Calvin specializes in the field of negotiations, conflict management, and critical risk management.