Bob Young BA, MA, LL.L

Bob Young is a senior security and intelligence consultant within the private, public and academic sectors.   Bob’s pragmatic application of threat, risk and intelligence analysis, incorporating both tactical and geopolitical information, provides leaders insight for strategic decision making in crises.   He was an Executive Manager with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) for 32 years before consulting in the cybersecurity field.  His exposure Canada’s and the world’s threats including terrorism, espionage, transnational organized crime, hostile foreign state actors, provides our clients with a unique lens for assessing critical risks.   Bob’s network spans the global intelligence and security establishment, including both in the public and private sector.  He currently works as a security consultant.  In this capacity, Bob has spoken on numerous occasions to C-suite groups about the corporate insider threat, as well as industrial and foreign espionage, especially how the human element relates to cyber techniques.

With many years of executive experience, Bob has a skillset including a collaborative and inclusive work approach, strong interpersonal skills, a strategic perspective on issues affecting diverse stakeholders, proven networking abilities, as well as negotiation and conflict resolution capabilities.   Bob has a BA in Political Science, an MA in Conflict Analysis and an LL.L law degree.  Based in Vancouver, he continues to provide critical risk consultancy services to clients in industry, government and not-for-profit organizations worldwide.