InterVentis Global

Consultants in Critical Risk, Conflict, Crises and Negotiation

About Us

Interventis Global

Our expertise is within the fields of risk management, conflict, crises, and negotiation. We provide the highest calibre of service by employing only recognized, world-class experts: no client will find itself dealing with a junior staff member who merely claims expertise. Each of our partners has a documented history of providing these services to business executives, corporations, governments, military and police leaders, managers, and other organizations for several decades.

Our services are designed to deal with a diversity of settings including volatile environments, leadership and organizational development, boardrooms needs, and community disputes as well as those which take place in national and international settings. We have the expertise to offer not only reactive responses but we also offer but proactive and prevention strategies.


Why choose us?

  • InterVentis Global can design tailored solutions for your complex problems, leveraging extensive experience and a broad international network of expert colleagues. 
  • The depth and diversity of our professionals’ experience will provide a unique lens and perspective on your needs. This can, in turn, provide a broader range of effective solutions.
  • We have experience with both grass-roots engagements and sensitive work with senior executives, government leaders and diplomats.
  • We are discreet, and accustomed to high-stakes and extremely tense situations.

Our team members have all managed organizational risks in the most volatile environments; held senior as well as on-the-ground direct responsibility for managing the most intractable conflicts; led teams in some of the most intense crisis situations known; and negotiated with some of the most difficult individuals and groups in the world. 

If you are facing an organizational challenge, we can help you.